Here are some of my Trip  Pictures that I took on a whale watching trip in January 2003 to Baja California Sur (Mexico). We were 450 miles south of Tijuana at Guerro Negro.  It was a long trip to get there but seeing the whales so close was great.  For Lunch we stopped at a place near Catavina where there were some cave  paintings nearby. If you would like to visit a cool sitewith lots of information about  gray whales or to find out more details about taking this trip click here.
The landscape was very intersting. 
Cave paintings near our lunch stop.
Once we got to our destination, Guerro Negro, we spent the next 4 days watching the whales.  We went out twice a day on  Days 1 and 3 which were in the inner lagoon observation area and days 2 and 4 we went out in the morning and we were  in the outer lagoon.  The weather was perfect and the inner lagoon was very calm. .  I much perferred the inner lagoon but we saw lots of whales in both locations.
Here I am standing next to a whale skeleton at the visitors center.  I'm 5'8" tall and it's as tall as I am.  To the right is a whale skeleton.  They are just so huge! (photo taken by C.Brace)
On Day 4 in the afternoon some of us went to see the lighthouse, El Faro. 
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Seemed like everywhere you looked there were Osprey nests.  This particular one was across from the hotel. You could hear the mom and the baby calling to each other.