Halloween Pumpkins

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These are not really something that I started before, but I do like to do them each year.  My pumpkin is the Cat one and my boyfriend made the the other one.  They are fun to carve and then set out for halloween.  I also like to make one using my Mrs. Potato head decorations.  I have a princess and a pirate one.  This year I made the princess one.  The kids that come around the neighborhood think it is fun. 

More Glass Fusing

November 21, 2010 on 6:59 pm | In Glass | 77 Comments

I am deviating a bit from my theme, I have been doing more glass fusing and think it is really fun and there are some really cool things that you can make.  here I have made a Christmas Tree Plate that can be used for candy or small cookies.  It came out really cool.  Pieces of colored glass  make the ornaments.  The flat piece of glass is then heated up enough to slump down into the mold of the Plate. Very cool. 

Old Home Movies

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Several years ago I started on a project to get all of my Dad’s Home movies transferred to DVD. I did some calling around and price checking but I never ended up doing anything with it. Well last fall I was at a nearby Antique mall and found a flyer and business card for a company in the Denver Metro Area that does movie transfers. (He does a lot of other stuff too). I was able to rent from him a viewer so that my dad and I could look at the movies and then decide what order they needed to go on the DVD. Most of them we could attach a year to. The company’s name is Home Video Studio and the website is www.homevideostudio.com. It took about 4 weeks to get my DVD’s back.  I am glad that I am finally got this done.  I was starting to worry about the film and that it might deteriate to a point I couldn’t save it.  I plan to give a DVD to each of my brothers and to my dad. Here is the before (lots of reels of film) and then after (all on a DVD) :

Glass Fusing

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Almost 20 years ago I took a class in Glass Fusing (heating glass up in a kiln to melt it together).  The things you can make are really cool.  Then this was  a pretty new craft  and there wasn’t alot of  information published about it.  I was really interested.  There was a glass shop near the restaurant my ex-husband owned and I took the class there.  We made a few things in class.  I was interested enough that I bought a small kiln and did some firing.  I made alot of earrings and tried to sell them at craft shows.  I was able to sell some, but not many.  I moved again and decided to sell my kiln. Now I wish I would have kept it. 

In my very first post on this blog  you can see the bracelet that I made in a jewelry class.  I took another class and we made several things in class.  A frame, two coasters and a drapped vase.  It was lots of fun and I am going to take the intermediate class as well where we can choose our project and the teacher will help us to complete it.  The glass shop is Bella Glass. The have all kinds of classes if you live in the Denver Metro Area.  Here are the pictures of my projects.

Damage control

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This book is by J. A. Jance who is a great author. Her mysteries are really well written and have lots of twists and turns in the plot.  I love them.  I have read most of what she has written.  I discovered her while on a cruise to Alaska in 1996.  She was a speaker at one of the events on board the ship.  I love to read mysteries and had not heard of her so I went to listen and really enjoyed listening to her.  Once I got home I looked up her books and have been reading then since.  This particular book is in the Joanna Brady series which is set in Arizona.   Great story!  I love her characters and how they have developed over the course of the whole series.  I would recommend these books and suggest that you start with the first one which is called Desert Heat.

Stained Glass Panel

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Two years ago I took a refresher Stained Glass glass that taught both how to copper foil and how to use lead. We made several stained glass pieces.  We made a couple of small pieces and then one larger panel using the leading.  It was fun. We got to select a pattern and then pick glass to make it with.  The class was two sessions and we were able to complete everything in those two days.  The only thing we didn’t do was to frame the panel.  Just the other day I pulled out my panel and wanted to get it framed and finished.  The husband of one of my co-workers made a frame for me and yesterday i got it hung up in the kitchen. Here is a picture of it hanging in the kitchen window. :)

Heart and Soul

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This is a great book by Maeve Binchy. She is a really good author and I have read many of her books. They are all down to earth good books. Her characters are real and could be people you know. She does a great job of weaving a story in which I would like to be in.  :)

Pinweaving Angel ornament Kit

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I think I have had this kit for several years and had not put it together. The other day I found it and thought it would be easy to do. It is a pretty straight forward pattern where you take different ribbons and weave them together, cut out the angel pattern, press on fusible interfacing and finish with trim.   All you need is the kit, hot glue gun, pins and an iron. Went together pretty fast. I finished it this morning. Now it is ready to hang on the Christmas Tree :) I will sometimes save these and give them as gifts at Christmas. Here are a couple of pictures. The first one is the pinned weaving ready to iron to the fusible interfacing. The second one is the finished angel.


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

April 17, 2010 on 1:20 pm | In Books | 84 Comments

I started this book  a couple of weeks ago and just finished it.  I really liked it a lot.  The beginning was a gradual build up of the story line and then about half way through I found that I didn’t want to put it down.  I was even trying to read bits at the stop lights driving home.  I read at lunch time, in the morning while eating breakfast and then in the evening before going to bed.  It was very suspenseful and kept your attention. The author, Steig Larsson,  did  a great  job. :)

Retirement Book

April 17, 2010 on 1:03 pm | In Photography, Scrapbooking | No Comments

In August of 2009 my boss retired after spending 24 years with State Government.  I volunteered to be in charge of taking pictures and then gathering pictures to put into a photo album/Scrapbook for her.  I have worked on it sporadically since August and have finally finished it up.   Just in time to give it to her when we all go to lunch with her this week.   I use Creative memories supplies almost exclusively, but do use other papers and stickers once in a while.    (www.creativememories.com).  I think the Creative Memories products are some of the best quality scrapbooking materials you can get. Here is a picture of the first page.

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