Photographs from 2005
I now have pictures up from my wonderful trip to England in May 2005.
(Updated 8/11/05)
I have been taking a photography class on Exposure which has been a very good class.  Click here to see my photos that I have turned in for my assignments.
(Updated 11/30/05)
I have now added new pictures from a weekend trip to Arches National Park in Utah. 
Pictures from around Denver
Check out the sites around Denver

(Updated 11/04/05)
Colorado Summer Adventures
Come join me as I explore around Colorado!

(updated 09/27/05)

I have just added some new pictures from my garden.

(updated 10/5/05)
New Pictures of my two Black Cats


(updated 08/24/05)
Other Pictures and Stuff
Whale Pictures from my  January 2003 whale trip to Baja California Sur (Mexico). A very "Up close Trip" experience.
Pictures of Lighthouses I have been too. My goal is to go to all of them (or least as many as possible)! New pictures from Wisconsin.

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