Nickel Creek in Keystone, Colorado
Tuesday August 5, 2003
After a two hour drive from Down town Denver we arrived at the Keystone village Parking lot at 7pm.  The Park Lane pavillion is in the River Run Resort and was a short walk from the parking lot.  One thing I noted was the large variety of flowers and plants.  Everything looked really nice.

The music was great and they played a variety of new stuff which was really nice.
Once inside the pavillion it was "festival Seating" which for this show meant that everyone stood up for the whole.  Everyone could have sat on the floor and it would have been alot better for everyone.  It was hard to take pictures since everyone was standing. 
Once the show was over most people left, but there were a few that remained hoping to get autographs. As we hung around one of our group went outside and around the building and found that Sara and Chris were signing autographs.  So she came back and got us.  Sara is so personable. She seems to love to chat with the fans and sign autographs.  Chris signed a few and then took off.  Once Sara left we figured that was it and started to walk to the car.  To our surprise I looked back and Chris and Sean were back signing autographs.  We rushed back and got those.  I only needed Chris' on my Telluride poster.  I had Sara and Sean's from Telluride.
Nickel Creek played for 2 hours and for their encore they played without the microphones. The audience had to be really quiet in order for everyone to hear. 
The show was great and being able to get their autographs made the whole evening worth the trip from Denver.  I didn't care for the venue but it is sure set in a beautiful spot in the mountains.