England Trip Photo Essays - May 8th - May 24th, 2005
In May of 2005 I traveled to England for a Photography tour that was guided by  John Baker (Travel Images).  The tour was two weeks and it covered much of the English Countryside.  Here you will find two  Photo Essays of the things I saw and photographed. Everywhere we looked there were wonderful things to see.  Our tour group was only 7 people.  John specializes in small groups and does a great job!

My first two days in London were before the tour began.   Once I figured out the Underground (The Tube) system, getting around was pretty easy. I have also a essay of my London pictures.

I was in England a total of 16 days.

I used both my Nikon SLR (film)  and my new Sony Cybershot cameras.
Sites of London
England 2005
Doors of England
England Photo Galley
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