Wisconsin Lighthouses  Sept 2003
In Sept 2003 my dad and I visited Door County Penisula in Wisconsin.  It was a good trip.  I got to 9 of the 13 lighthouses on the Penisula.
Baileys Harbor Range Light- If you look closely you can see the Rear Range light on the left side. When ships had both lights lined up they knew they we safe from the rocks.
Baileys Harbor Rear Range Light.  Both of these lights are located in the Ridges Nature Sanctuary. 
Cana Island light near Baileys Harbor.  When the water is high you have to wade across to the island, but when we were there we could walk across.
Eagle Bluff Lighthouse - Located in the Penisula State Park. 
Sherwood Point lighthouse near Sturgeon Bay at the edge of the Potowatomi State Park.
Potowatomi Lighthouse located on Rock Island.  We had to take the car ferry to Washington Island (north end of the Penisula) and then catch the ferry to Rock Island.  Once on Rock Island we had to hike to the Lighthouse.  It took us about 2 hours round trip and that included eating lunch at the lighthouse.  It is currently under renovations.
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