A day at the Denver Zoo
The Denver Zoo has been blessed with many new babies in the last couple of years.
Seeing eye to eye with a Giraffe?  Only possible with a Zoom lens and the fact that this is a very young giraffe that hasn't attainded it full height yet!
You could feed these beautiful Lorikeets and they would even sit on your hand.
Most of the Flamingos were napping or just Soaking up the sunl (on one leg-great balance)
There were only a couple of Penguins out today.  It was pretty warm around noontime.
A Pelican basking in the sunshine!
This peacock made if very difficult for me to get his picture.  He kept moving away from me.  But finally I got close enough..
Black stripes on White or White on Black?
The Polar Bear Cubs were out playing in the water and having a great time as their mother looks on and basks in the Sunshine.
A young Big Horn Sheep
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